Translation Issues with Lectora X - Really messed up

dmstrs Community Member Posts: 26
I posted earlier about RTF files generated by the Translation Tool in Lectora X. I was advised that we should not open them with Word, since Word adds code to the file that we can't see. However, the translation package being used by the translators in France is TRADOS which requires the RTF files to be opened in Word to operate. This was NEVER a problem with Lectora 9. My client translated countless Lectora 9 titles this way with no problems. He is just now starting to translate titles created in Lectora X, and it's been nothing but problems. The paragraphs are indenting when they shouldn't, numbering is all messed up, and it is even changing the color of the text (to a lime green?!?!).

As mentioned, they NEVER had these issues with Lectora 9. The only thing is their process that has changed is that the titles are now created with Lectora X.

Has anyone else seen these problems?