mlearning - courses for mobile

mohan Community Member Posts: 3
Is it possible to create courses for mobile using Lectora professional publishing suite V9.3 (6345). I have seen some templates for iPhone in this version of Lectora. Using them, I tried to create some pages. But how do I publish them to be viewable on iPhone? Should i publish to HTML only or SCORM/Web based?. If i publish using the publish to HTML only or SCORM/Web based, can it be viewed on iPhone?

If i use an SWF or FLV, will this be supported by the iPhone (and wide veriety of devices using various OS) ?

How to view the published course same on iPhone?

If this vrsion (Lectora professional publishing suite V9.3 (6345)) dont support the mlearning, which other version shold i go in for. is that Lectora X.4. Can i get the location address, toget a trial version to download the same?

Hope i would get answes for all my questions at earliest.