Cursor on Mouse down status

tertius Community Member Posts: 7
Hi everyone

I need to change the cursor hand on buttons to a pointer. I have found the below solution in a previous thread, which works fine, except in the down status the hand is still showing. How do I get rid of the hand pointer in the down status of a button? Do I I also do this in this particular .js file?

The hand icon definition for buttons is in the trivantis-button.js file. If you go about 115 lines down in the file, there is a function ObjButtonBuild(). Inside of this is the following line: else this.div += '" width='+this.w+' height='+this.h+' border=0 style="cursor:hand">'Just remove or change the style="cursor:hand" out of this line and the hand icon will not be displayed when the user moves the mouse over the buttons.If you also want to remove the hand icon on other objects such as a hyperlink, you will find a similar line in ObjInlineBuild() in the trivantis-inline.js, just remove or change the style="cursor:hand"