doQuit javascript in X4.1

echomedia Community Member Posts: 6
I just checked and it seems that no matter what we set for the question asking about running the course in a seperate window (which our LMS forces us to do), the page will not close. After checking we found that the javascript action to close the window on a Exit Title/Close Window action is writing incorrectly during publishing. It is placing a zero after the javascript call DoQuit, when if the box is checked it should place a "1" in the this spot to signiafy that it must close the window.

Please check your latest release software and correct this issue asap as once again, just before Conference time, it seems Lectora breaks preventing us from releasing essential training to our customers without incurring extra man hours to edit every page by hand.

Here is the bad line of code:

function action675(fn){

{saveVariable( 'TrivantisEPS', 'T'); if(cleanupTitle('conflict_resolution_advanced_training')) doQuit(0); else CloseWnd();}

if(fn) eval(fn);


The doQuit should read doQuit(1) as the box is checked in the publishing options.