Bug importing Flash video into Lectora?

apearceaz Community Member Posts: 1
Lectora 9.3/ Windows 7

Flash Player 10 swf's and flv.

Here's the deal-- I have an FLV (movie.flv) that is loaded into a base SWF file (let's call it base.swf), along with the skin controller SWF (skin.swf)

I add all three files as additional files to title level of a Lectora project.

I then add an Animation to the page in Lectora -- "base.swf".

When i publish to HTML, Lectora put the "base.swf" file in the Images folder it creates. It leaves the "skin.swf" and the "movie.flv" in the root of the project. Result--> when the page loads, it loads the base.swf, it even reaches the skin.swf, but it cannot play the video unless the video (movie.flv) is moved down into the Images folder, in which case it plays correctly.

Why is this happening? I've tested it multiple times and the same result with different files...

And the files in the "extern" folder are not even accessed directly...