Table of Contents Toggle Visibility State only once?

cephillips Community Member Posts: 2
I have a button to make my Table of Contents of appear with the "Toggle Visibility State" action. It works perfectly when I test it in Full Screen mode. However, upon publication to my LMS, I have an issue where it will only toggle "On" only once.

For example, if the table of contents is currently hidden, and I select the TOC button, the Table of Contents becomes visible. Upon selecting it again, it then disappears. If I select it for a third time (maybe I accidently hid it or I want to see something again, etc) nothing happens. If I go to the next page, I can select the TOC button and view the TOC and re-hide it, but again, I can make it appear only once.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? I'm not sure if it something in the way that I have it set up, something in the way that it's being published or a bug in lectora.