Hide Mouse Hand

tertius Community Member Posts: 7
Hi everyone

My client's style guide and specifications indicate that the mouse cursor must not turn into a hand when you select a link or click on a button. The mouse must stay as is, the arrow.

Is it possible in Lectora to keep the cursor as is?



  • ahall
    ahall Community Member Posts: 1
    Hi - Thank you for the post! I had that same question and was able to use the information to change "pointer" to "default" in line 142 of the trivantis-button.js file for v11 of Lectora as follows:

    from = this.divInt += ' style="cursor: pointer;position:absolute"'

    to = this.divInt += ' style="cursor:default;position:absolute"'

    (there is no space in the code between the : and the p...I had to add a space so the post wouldn't change it to a :p)

    And this worked perfectly.

    I needed to hide the hand when a participant clicks a button that resides on top of an image. The "hand" gave away the correct button(s) to click. (Clicking a button increased the count of a scoring variable for either the home team for correct answers or the visiting team for incorrect answers.) This changed the pointer behavior for all slides in the course, but since other buttons have up/down behavior, this was acceptable.