Questions when setting up a new Title

netbibs Community Member Posts: 5
Hi there

I'm a bit of a newbie and I have two questions about setting up a new title... I just want to do it right/best.

I've decided the title will be 1000 x 600 pixels, and I'm using a designer to design the 'skin' elements. So my first question is, when briefing the designer, other than providing the page dimensions and what must appear on the page (logo; module title; page title; TOC; text box; navigation buttons), is there anything special I need to include? I guess I'm trying to establish if the brief is different for a Lectora title than say for a web page design?

The second question relates to how I set the title up - should I build it as a SCORM compliant module even if I'm going to publish to HTML and currently the client doesn't have a LMS (and probably never will).

Many thanks