Last question on quiz will not open results page

alan_bourne Community Member Posts: 5
Hi there,

I was wondering if anybody knows of this problem and a possible solution.

I have created a blank course.

Inserted a blank "Test 1" (test), this creates for me "Page 1" and "Last test page".

I enable results in my Test by right clicking on "Test 1" then, results, show test results, customized test results, Grade the test.

I right click on the newly created "Test Results" section and de-select: open in new pop-up.

I then test in browse mode. Hey it works fine :) sweet... and then you publish the module to HTML, open in i.e. 7 and the results page will not display. When I get to the "last test page" the "done" button does nothing.

Any ideas?

I am using Lectora v9.3.

Any help is much appreciated.