Contract Author Postions - Prefer Minnesota -based

Midwest Energy Association is seeking course developers to work on a contract basis, from their location.

As an energy industry membership organization we develop training and technical products for over 300 member companies. The contract authors will be required to organize technical information (gas and/or electric subject matters) into a coherent course construct. Authors need not be familiar with subject matter, but must have the ability to synthesize technical concepts and recognize the need to research further information.

Candidates should also have the ability to:

• Learn and utilize our authoring system

• Design curriculum/courseware for online delivery to adult learners

• Develop courseware at a minimum to a "second draft level"

• Work with subject-matter experts reviewing the course

• Identify and specify requirements for simulations (these will be created by our multi-media designers)

Software experience:

• Microsoft Word (required)

• Adobe Photoshop and/or Flash (basic skills would be a big plus)

General description:

• Work out of your location using your own computer equipment. We will provide the authoring software to run on a PC, and provide software training.

• Most communications will be by telephone, email, internet, etc. An occasional meeting at our office may be required.

• Number of hours per week/month is flexible – work according to mutually agreed upon deadlines.

• You will be reimbursed if you incur any long distance charges resulting from SME consultations.

• Compensation is,$30/hr

• Anticipated project length is 1-2 years.

Please contact, Don Szambelan, [email protected]