Help with F4V video on LMS: Video Not Found or Access Denied

dandyrandy Community Member Posts: 4
I'm using Lectora Inspire.

I've got a MOV video file embedded on a page within a title. That video file is converted to F4V when the title is published to a Web-based SCORM file.

Once the SCORM is uploaded to the LMS and tested, the page with the video displays the following message in the video frame: "Video Not Found or Access Denied" or something similar to that.

The F4V does indeed exist in the SCORM file uploaded to the LMS, so I assume it's some kind of Flash error. If indeed a problem with Flash, I don't understand why this embedded video is the only Flash video I can't view from within the browser. YouTube videos and similar play just fine; in fact, embedding the YouTube version of the video on the course page works great when published to the LMS - I just hate seeing that 'YouTube' bug in the lower right of the screen.

Can anyone shed any light on this problem? Many thanks!