Javascript & setting AICC_Score

jeffk Community Member Posts: 12
I have a Flash quiz (Quizmaker) that sends a score to a .js file and then I assign that score to a variable that I set up in Lectora called scoreTemp with an initial value of 0. The reason for using this variable to store it is that I don't want the score reported to the LMS until they hit the last page of the course. This is the code I use to assign the score:

function catchFinalScore(score){



On the last page of the course I have an action that assigns scoreTemp to AICC_Score. The problem is that when I take the course in the LMS, on the last page, I get this error: "LMSSetValue Error: cmi.core.score.raw to [scoreTemp]Incorrect Data Type".

Any idea what the problem might be?