STOP in flash not working with Lectora Done Playing action

shi1 Community Member Posts: 2
Have a very basic Flash file with an Actionscript stop on a frame, it then requires the user to click a button to get the timeline to continue playing. All pretty basic.

The SWF works just fine, even in Lectora....UNTIL I add a "done playing" (goto the next page) action in Lecotra to it.

Then what happens is it plays the entire timeline in the Flash file like the AS stop isn't even there!

If I get rid of the Lectora action once again the stop in the SWF works just fine; however thats not a fix since I need it to auto-advance to the next Lectora page when it completes playing.


I added code to the last frame in the flash (fla) and republished the SWF to run this in the last frame:



However this is only going to work when published to HTML. Any other options???