Using Character Animations without Audio?

tecocat Community Member Posts: 416 ✶ Headliner ✶
I'm wondering if it's possible to use the new animated characters feature in a course that doesn't have any audio? What I'm picturing is having the character appear to be talking, gesticulating, etc., while the text he's "saying" just types out on the screen.

I could obviously play around and try to figure it out myself, but I haven't refamiliarized myself with Lectora X since I beta tested it ages ago (been using 2008 up until now) and I'm in the early design phase of my project right now and trying not to distract myself from that by going into Lectora X yet. At this point, I'm just imagining some different ways of presenting my course, and this was one idea that I had, but I don't want to go to far down that design path if it's not possible.

TIA for any info!