Added a Menu and want to Publish to SCORM

flashdeveloper Community Member Posts: 9
I understand the menu cannot communicate between multiple AUs (that's the error I get with keeping it in my course if I try to publish to SCORM)...and I have it set up so that it goes to the pages within the course. However, as many have experienced, I can't publish it to AICC/SCORM because it assumes that I want to communicate between AUs...If I remove the menu, no problem. I can easily publish.

I am also seeking clarification: is an AU each PAGE in the course developed or the AUs that are created that HOLD the pages? Also, how have other people published their menus successfully within a SCORM compliant course? I've been trying to find good documentation, step by step, or at least some further detailed info on menus and what you can do with them in terms of developing a course that will have SCORM applied.

Thank you in advance! :cool: