Scorm Configuration

I have just published my first course that includes tests and quizes to SCORM. The course runs fine however the test/quiz do not. At the end of each I have arranged to show results where lectora will show question and answer and score of the test /quiz. Each test quiz question displays correctly and lets me answer the question. Immediate feedback is displayed when it is supposed to but the completion text box that should display at the end does not. When ever I press the "DONE" button to show results I get an LMS error and the whole course locks up. There is an error for each question that is displayed as I click the OK button from the previous error. The only way out is to reset the computer. Our LMS is SAP and I am publishing to SCORM 1.2 (which is the correct setting) I guess my question is... Should I have done something with any of those reserved variable that address SCORM/AICC? In the publishing options I did specify for the course to send test quiz data to the LMS.

It is almost as if lectora is sending data to the LMS but the LMS doesn't recognize it correctly. I'm confused and don't really know if I should have the LMS administrator looking at the LMS or if I should be addressing the issue from the course options. My LMS administrator has zero experience dealing with any lectora courses on the LMS.

Can anyone give me some direction??