Lectora (SCORM) to PeopleSoft ELM 9.1 Questions

We use Lectora to develop content. We are implementing PeopleSoft ELM 9.1 LMS to deliver our content. We first create content in Lectora and publish it to Scorm 1.2. When the published SCORM content is launched through PeopleSoft ELM 9.1, all pictures in the content are missing. The content is not launched properly. Content is launched with Java errors. When we look at the error details, it displays some menu387 is undefined, button405 is undefined, image467 undefined, permission denied kind of errors.

We are not sure if we are publishing the content to SCORM1.2 with right settings in Lectora. Can anyone share what settings to use to publish content to SCORM1.2 for use with PeopleSoft ELM9.1, please? Do we need to do anything special in developing the content itself in Lectora in order to use it with ELM 9.1? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Another related question is that some of our content also sends emails to specified email accounts with user responses from the content. To use this feature, we have to uncheck the “Use java title manager” check box to even publish the content to SCORM1.2. When we publish the content without this checkbox checked, we face issues while delivering the content using LMS. Is there any way to avoid this error while publishing content to SCORM1.2?

Thank you,