Exporting Lectora test results to Access

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There have been some postings about this topic, but I haven't seen any recent post. Maybe there are some new interventions!

I'm currently using a Moss 2007 SharePoint team site to conduct "end of training" surveys, using the SharePoint survey feature, which doesn't provide the level of test analysis I need. I've created 6 tests in Lectora to replace the SharePoint survey. I would like to be able to export the Lectora test results to a database that I can query to provide reports with the following information for each test:

-Employee ID


-Incorrect/correct responses

-Comparison of one location to another

-Question trend analysis


The majority of the questions are closed-ended, but there are a few open-ended questions as well.

My current audience is less than 50 people in six locations spread across North America. The next phase of the rollout will involve hundreds of people in more than 50 locations. We are installing a delivery center application that will allow us to deliver almost any content to any location without being concerned about speed or bandwidth.

I will ultimately being looking at using a SQL Server for this, but for now I need to build a proof of concept before I can get funding and resources to create an SQL server site. I've also looked at some of the SharePoint LMS plug-in options, but the company is in the middle of heavy conversations with an LMS vendor. I'm hoping to preview this process in Access on a small scale and then replicate the process in an SQL server. If anyone has an example of sample AccessDB connections strings they could share, it would be great.




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    Hello. I am new to lectora and even programming. I have the same problem and the same issue. I too want to integrate my lectora values to sql server 2008. I want to store values of test question id, answer, and results. I guess you must have solved it. Can you please help me too/?

    Thank you.