Lectora of Mobile Devices

vian Community Member Posts: 6

I'm attempting to create a course for mobile devices. So far, I've only found this page for a resource:

Creating Mobile Learning with Lectora & Lectora Online

I've tried to create a course with one page that was 320px wide, and when I pull it up on WP7 or iPhone, the page is very small and unreadable. I've also attempted to use a sniffer to detect the device, and was unsuccessful. I've also tried using the meta tag to resize the course for iPhone, which also seems to fail.

Ideally, I'd like to create a page that is 320px wide that fills the device screen.

Has anybody had any success using Lectora to develop for a mobile device? If so, is there an example of this that can be viewed, or better, a tutorial that will clearly walk me through the steps to create a course for a mobile device?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!