Captivate, variables and SCORM

mandy_ah Community Member Posts: 1
Im currently developing a course in lectora that includes captivate 5 simulations. I want to be able to stop the user from progressing through the course until they have finished the simulation. On the last page of the captivate simulation i have set it to modify a lectora variable i created called CapCompleted by using the javascript: VarCapCompleted.set("1"); In lectora i have it showing the next button is the variable CapCompleted is equal to 1.

I did a HTML publish and it all appears to be working. I then did a CD and a SCORM publish and i am now getting the javascript error - VarCapCompleted is undefined.

Is there some extra coding i need to include for this to work in CD and SCORM publishes? Any help with this would great thanks.