Actions Fail after being Published to HTML on Some PCs on Some pages

dmstrs Community Member Posts: 26
I have a training program for an international client that has to be translated into 6 languages. Because of the translation requirements, I have to sync my text to the audio in Lectora. The client's translation costs remain low if all the text is created in Lectora. Normally I would create the entire page's content in Flash and then just put the SWF on the Lectora page. Because I have to sync the text with autio in Lectora for translation purposes, I have to put actions on the audio files. So when audio 1 plays, text 1 shows. When audio 1 is on playing, then audio 2 plays and text 2 shows, etc. I have to link the actions to the audio files because an audio file will vary in length depending on the language, so it ensures the text shows up at the correct time.

On some PCs everything works fine; on others, some pages work, some do not. I find that most often the pages that don't work are the ones with very short audio clips. This is a HUGE ISSUE form my client.

I did a search on this forum and found this very old post using Lectora 9. I have Lectora 10.

"OnDone actions for multimedia objects do not work when published to HTML because the generated HTML has no idea of what plugin will actually be playing the mutlimedia: QuickTime, RealAudio, Windows Media, etc. That is why you're OnDone is never triggering. In CD mode, Lectora is actually doing the playing, thus it can know when the media is completed. The solution is to convert the media to flash and have an action in flash callout to javascript ... OR ... create an event inside the Windows Media file and tie an action to the triggering of that event."

Is the above true, and if so, is it still true with Lectora 10? If it is all true, I think Trivantis should let us know that a function doesn't work in HTML in the marketing brochures so we know that we can't use it.

If it isn't true, does anyone have a solution to my problem?

Also, if it is true, does anyone have a better solution for creating international programs?