Reset Question is clearing my Submit/Process Test/Survey

web-foley Community Member Posts: 55 ✶ Headliner ✶
I have 10 questions in a 'Test Section'... if the learner was to submit a response to a question, then exit the course and re-enter to the bookmarked 'last page visited', I didn't want the learner to see his/her previous selection... so each question has an "On Show" "Reset Question" action added at the start.

Unfortunately, doing this is causing the the responces for all 10 questions not to be passed to the SumTotal LMS on "Submit/Process Test/Survey". So, to clarify, answer ALL 10 Questions... and after answering Question 10/10, BEFORE continuing to the Summary page, exit, re-enter, re-submit Question 10/10 answer and then go to Summary page... no score, nothing passed to the LMS, no record of the responses for each question was passed.

Removing the "Reset Question" action seems to resolve the problem but I'm back where I started. The learner has a ghost selection from their last time answering that question because it was not reset.

My assumption was that the "Reset Question" action would be isolated to that particular question instance.

Any suggestions? Please and thanks. :confused: