Page with score keeps refreshing

struitt Community Member Posts: 137 ♪ Opening Act ♪
This is still fairly new to me, so it may be an easy answer...however, I have a test with ten questions. After the ten questions there is a 'last test page' in which the student should receive their score using the following actions:

1. On Show, Submit/Process Test/Survey, Test 1

2. On Show, Change Contents, target (text box) 'Test Score,' new contents 'Test_1_Score'

In Preview Mode, it works fine. In Preview In Browser Mode, it constantly refreshes itself (refresh rate is equal to the time set in 'delay before action' in the 'Submit/Process Test/Survey action). If I remove the 'Submit/Process Test/Survey' action, there is no refreshing, however then it will not generate a score to fill in for the student.

What am I missing?!

I'm using Lectora vX.3, browser is Internet Explorer 7.