Sequentially running AudioExplanation, BulletsSyncWithAudio animations

rex176 Community Member Posts: 9
I have a summary page on which I want to:

1. Have AudioExplanation.swf do a purely audio explanation. When this is finished,

2. Have BulletsSyncWithAudio.swf explain some bullets. When this is finished,

3. Have AudioExplanation.swf do some more pure audio explanation.

Not working: I can't even get 1 & 2 to work properly sequentially.

If I add an Action to AudioExplanation.swf with a "Done Playing" -> "Play BelletSyncWithAudio.swf", the second swf ALWAYS starts playing before the first one is finished.

This happens whether I use the FlashCommand version of Done Playing or the non-Flash version.

Any ideas?