Can't get rid of scrollbars in Saba

timdyer Community Member Posts: 2 ♪ Opening Act ♪
Our client is trying to launch a 1.2 course produced in Lectora 9, but keep getting scrollbars and say that the system only allows certain set window sizes. Can anybody offer any suggestions to get rid of these scrollbars in Saba or how to set the Lectora course to avoid them in the first place? Saba appear to be trying to suggest that the window size is down to the way Lectora publishes the courses, but my understanding has always been that it is down to the LMS to control window size. We are trying to control the window size post launch via some simple javascript but no luck so far. Appreciate any advice since we have no experience with the Saba LMS and trying to help 'second hand'.


  • appdevpub
    appdevpub Community Member Posts: 3
    Yes, many LMS's will give you this issue. We had to make our title smaller than the Saba window templates. For instance, if you use a Saba template that is 1024 x 768, we would make our course only 1000 x 660 approximately to avoid scroll bars. There are other issues that can cause this. You have to do a bit of investigation there.
  • barneykay
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    If you have assets "off stage" to the right or below the content then LMS/Package seems to add scrolls bars for hidden data, I've fixed this by adding the following into the trivantis.css (in the scorm package)

    overflow: hidden;

    This will fix the package to the width and height that you want. We tend to use the inline player option in Saba Cloud - adding this means we dont get extra scroll bars.