Hangman game "on done playing" doesn't seem to work for me...

kherbst Community Member Posts: 5
I am using a hangman game for a section review in a course. I have text to display if they get at least 5 of the 6 questions correct, and different text if they get 4 or less correct (only one "hangman" for all questions). However, even though I have set the text only to display when the game is done playing, it shows up immediately. I currently have actions set up to get the "score" variable from the game and store it in a custom "hangmanresults" variable, and have set conditions on each text display accordingly. (The only variable options for hangman seem to be score and percentage, no "result" like other Lectora-provided flash games.)

There is a similar post on the jigsaw puzzle, but the instructions provided there (use action group and timer) didn't seem to work in this case.


Any thoughts? Help?