Page size and background graphics not cooperating

bchecket Community Member Posts: 6
Hi all...long time lurker, first time poster.

I have Lectora X on a win XP machine, testing in ie6, ff, and chrome (although the browser testing isn't a part of the issue at this point.)

I'm in the process of creating several corporate templates for my co-workers. We develop for 3 different LOBs and typically need a unique look for each. For example, for Corp courses, I'm creating a template based strictly on the corporate colors. For the Operations group, the template is similar but incorporates some industrial elements to differentiate it, etc... Each template must then be created in two screen size options; 1024x768 and 800x600. Hopefully it makes sense so far.

After I lay out the template elements, I save my Lectora file as a template, pass it along to my collegues and then they can save it in their template file location in their Lectora installation.

The 800x600 templates came off without a hitch, but the 1024x768 templates are deviling me to no end.

Essentially, I'm creating either an 800x600 or 1024x768 blank Photoshop document, building my template background, slicing it up and saving it as (generally) 4 .png images; Top, bottom, left, and right sections. Then I create a new, blank Lectora file at the same size, import my slices, lock the size and position, and I'm ready to add some page elements and save my template.

Like I said, the 800x600 versions went swimmingly. The 1024x768 versions are driving me nuts. No matter what I do, Lectora keeps resizing the images by 1 or 2 pixel in height as I import them. When I try to return the images to their original sizes, Lectora returns the error message: "The position and dimension specified are greater than the page dimension."

As a test, I saved my photoshop background image without slicing it up and imported it a one large background image and it worked perfectly. So I have at least some anecdotal evidence that my photoshop image isn't the problem. It seems to be isolated to Lectora.

Has anyone experienced this before? Is this a bug or a known issue that I should have or should be able to research?

Thanks for the help.