Completion Status Not Completing

flashdeveloper Community Member Posts: 9
Hello all!

I am getting a lot more comfortable working with Lectora. I am now working on publishing the course out to SCORM. I am using (SCORM CLOUD) feature and during testing, the course would not set the completion status to complete when finished. It sets the score to 100% which is exactly what I want. I do not have a test in the course as the LMS we use, HealthStream, requires any tests to be inserted into the LMS separate using their tools.

I've tried setting the CMI_Completion_Status to Completed, however, it won't accept it. Is the variable a string or a boolean??? Does anyone know?

The version of SCORM I chose is SCORM 1.2. Everything is filled out properly. I also tried paging through the Lectora X handbook, and not a lot of information is placed inside in regards to SCORM and publishing out. Thanks in advance!


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