Menu item bug

ourtrainingroom Community Member Posts: 6
Hello all,

I am curious if anyone else has had the same issue I am experiencing...

When I create a page in Lectora, I then go to add an item (Menu item)

Once I create the menu with the items inside, I proceed to preview the page.

I notice 2 things that I do not want:

1) The titles in this menu are bold. (Not set anywhere just preset as bold. Adding the bold property does not change the way the font in the menu item is displayed.)

2) As I roll over the menu items they disappear in a reverse order. (As I hover over they disappear, and secondly they only reappear when moused over in reverse order( bottom -to-top))

If anyone else has experienced this issue and has found a work around or perhaps a setting I am missing, please


Thank you.