Question variables are empty when publishing to HTML

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I have a simple multiple choice question with custom feedbacks:

"Which one is red?

A) Apple

B) Pineapple

C) Cucumber"

The question is called Question_1 and it has an associated variable Question_0001

I have a submit button with the following conditional actions:


--onClick > Process Question_1

--onClick > Show > FeedbackCorrect_Group IF Question_0001 contains "Apple" ELSE Show FeedbackWrong_Group

As a result, it shows a corresponding group of texts and pictures depending on what the user chose. It works like a charm in preview but it does not work in browser preview (F9) or in the published HTML. I tried tracking the variable (by simply adding a text field and an action that changes the field for the content of the variable) -- it shows the chosen answer as expected in preview and is totally empty in Browser Preview or published HTML.

I am inclined to think I am doing something wrong, not Lectora.. yet.

I appreciate any ideas.