New to Lectora - Help Using Radio Groups??

lnt Community Member Posts: 1
I have a learning styles assessment that is currently in a PDF that users can print and complete. Basically, there are 12 sets of three statements and the user will select the statement that is aplicable to them. At the end there is a section where they can tally each column and depending on the totals they will determine whether they are a visual, auditory or kinesthetic learner.

I am trying to recreate the assessment in Lectora. I've started slowly and I have a Radio Group created with three radio buttons. I have an Action Group UpdateCounts that runs that 1) Sets the value of a PreviouslySelected variable (will be set to value of Selected variable, if Selected is not empty) 2)Sets the Selected variable (Selected = Var(Radio_Group1) 3)Adds 1 to either the Visual, Auditory, or Kinesthetic variable, depending on what the Selected variable is set to 4) Subtract 1 from either the Visual, Auditory, or Kinesthetic variable, depending on what PreviouslySelected variable is set to and 5) Display the updated counts at the bottom of them page.

As you can see, the above is really based on the value of the Radio Group. And this works great until I add another radio group. What I think may be a solution is to pass along a variable to the Action Group to identify which Radio Group has called it. Then, instead of hard coding the Var(Radio_Group1) to set values, I could use whatever is passed in.

Can I pass a value along to an Action Group? FYI - I did consider using a survey question, but it didn't really do what I wanted it to do.

If anyone has any idea how to make this work or can suggest a better way to do it, I would certainly love to hear! In the meantime, I will continue to plug away at it....Thanks in advance!