Having trouble publishing

kcreveling Community Member Posts: 32
We publish all our courses by using the "Publish to Single File Executable" option. It has always worked perfectly for me in the past.

However, I am trying to publish a course today and I keep getting this error: "Error reading resources to add single file image."

I select "Publish to Single File Executable". It runs through and tells me of all the files I have, but am not using. Would I like to remove them and then re-attempt to publish? Yes - so I select "Remove" and then "Check". It runs through a lot faster this time, and there are NO ERRORS LISTED. So then I click "Publish". I select the location on my computer I would like it to publish to, and it goes through all of it's actions.

And then, it stops and says "Error reading resources to add single file image." Then the only option available to me at the bottom is cancel, leaving me unable to publish my class and now I'm back at square one. I don't even know what that means!! They don't list any errors. Normally, when they do, I can figure out what it means and fix it no problem. But this I just don't get!!

Help me please!