Forcing course prerequisites

sconnell Community Member Posts: 130
Hello folks,

I am experiencing a tough go with forcing learners to take our beta learning track in the correct order. When the learner looks at their list of courses, they are mixed up in no particular order (but with the last course listed first). As a result, and despite our clear communications, many learners are taking the last course first.

The problems derive from the fact that our hosted LMS (Inquisiq) has a bug, as well as some limitations in how courses are displayed.

For instance, on the LMS:

- I cannot reset the default sort by from "Due Date" to "Course Name"

- Setting the course with appropriate dates does not work because there is a date sorting bug

I cannot set prerequisites on the LMS, because this feature only disallows an enrollment until prerequisite is met. Due to other issues with Inquisiq (e.g. too many confusing steps to enroll in a single course - no way to rapid enroll into an entire learning track), I pre-enroll all learners into all five courses in the track.

QUESTION (finally):

Can anyone suggest a fool proof way to set prerequisites in a Lectora course? Remember, each course is separate files (not all within one AU).

I cannot think of a way to accomplish this because I do not want to retain values between sessions.

This is so frustrating... because it is easily solved if

a) The LMS gets fixed

b) Learners actually paid attention and followed the instructions