Lectora X3 -Text issue When Publishing to HTML and HyperLinks

flashdeveloper Community Member Posts: 9
I am trying to fix several text issues that I am encountering. I've fixed a lot of the spacing issues EXCEPT when it comes to links. For some reason, on only a few select pages, the text that has a LINK applied to it, pushes it all the way to the bottom or off the screen. Also, I have a little text box in the lower left hand corner, fixed position, and its also getting pushed for no reason. I've tried removing items to test to see if that is the issue, but its not. No wrapping is applied, even tried viewing it as an image, no dice.

Has anyone come across any solutions to these issues in Lectora X3 other than pasting unformatted or when hyperlinks are applied?

I've come from a background of working strictly in Flash (custom shell and using XML for everything)...starting to think that may be a better place to stay rather than this. I completed the course faster in Lectora, but the bugs that are involved are abundant and costing me valuable time. Very disappointed in my first go at building a course. I can see this may be useful for rapid development. That's about it until Trivantis fixes a lot of the bugs. I really think that the view you see in Preview Mode SHOULD be what you see in Publish. That's a BIG fix that needs to be done.

Oh, and even trying to apply "Text as Image" to a text field is not working. The text doesn't show at all in Publish. (using Gill Sans Light as a font)