Adobe Captivate videos in Lectora (take too long to load!)

sconnell Community Member Posts: 130
Hello folks,

This is not an issue with Lectora X but I am wondering if anyone can provide some tips on handle this situation.....

The results of my public feedback are very positive (see: However, four beta testers have complained about how long one page (with an Adobe Captivate 4 flash video) takes to load (up to 4 minutes in one case - average time about 2 minutes).

This is actually a relatively simple video demonstration, total time is only 2.5 minutes (.swf file size is ONLY 1.9MB) and its dimensions are 933x376. From the office, I found that this page takes about 5 seconds to load, from home...about 7 seconds. Even 7 seconds is too long IMO.

This is a concern because my learning track will have significantly more videos. Anywhere from 7 seconds to especially, 2 minutes will be intolerable to the learner.

I thought that the "Preload animation when published to HTML" was supposed to solve this issue? It is selected, but there is no apparent difference when this option is deselected.

Question: Why must Adobe flash download first? Why can't they stream like HTML5 video?

For now, there is only 1 video in this learning track but this is going to be a nightmare in the next track!

Any ideas?