Can you set a Go To action to advance the parent window?

nixthenext Community Member Posts: 75
I'm trying to get a page in a child window to advance the page in the parent window, is there a way to set a Go To action to do that?

My scenario:

I've got a 'lesson dashboard' page, from which the learner can choose the lesson to complete (there are a total of 5 lessons). When the user selects a lesson, the first page of the lesson populates in the same window, with a button to 'launch lesson' and one to 'return to dashboard'. The 'launch lesson' button opens the actual lesson in a new window. I would like to have the last page in the lesson (now open in a child window) have a button that closes the child window, and directs the parent window back to the Lesson Dashboard.

Of course, there are other ways to structure this, but I would like to know how to direct actions in other windows anyways. Thanks in advance!