Mute audio on .swf animations with variables from flash to Lectora

thewitt Community Member Posts: 1
Hey all,

I'm relatively new to Lectora, and having a bit of an issue passing variables to and from Lectora to .swfs.

I have several .swfs that I'm loading onto multiple pages in lectora. I have a mute button in flash on all of these .swf files, and I would like lectora to "remember" that 'mute' has been activated from page to page.

So if the user presses the mute button on the first page, when they go to the second page it will remain muted. I have tried passing my flash variable "_mute" to lectora using the getvariable flash command option (and then setting it as well using setvariable), but it doesn't seem to be working.

The only thing I can think of is that my variable isn't on the root of the timeline in flash.. (as2) .. does this make a difference? Any help would be greatly appreciated.