FLV audio cue point events and non cue point events not OK in IE7

km Community Member Posts: 1

I've recently come across the following problem... regarding lack of a lack of functionality in Lectora X3 when published as html.

I am using Lectora Publisher vX.3 (with all latest service packs).

as an overview, I have created a presentation which uses the following functionality. FLV cue points are used to trigger events , and Lectora's own event control (on done playing show) i also used to display content.

Everything works fine in the following modes and environments... Preview mode, published html in Firefox 3 and Internet Explorer 8

BUT published html creates the following errors in these browsers... Firefox 1.5 and Internet Explorer 7. The audio cue points events do not trigger actions, and mute-unmute flv media does not work. And FLV audio fails to play when using a on-show-play action.

Question: surely this should work, or is Lectora X not supporting compatability or functionality within IE7? Has anybody else experienced this, or even better do you have a solution!