Print Course Option?

sblades Community Member Posts: 1

I know there is a way to add a "Print Page" function to individual pages within a Lectora course. I was curious if there is a way to add a "Print Course" button/function in a course. It would be great for our end users to have the ability to click a link (within the final published course) that opens a printable document version of all of the course screens (for note taking purposes, for example).

I have seen that you can print a handout version of a course from within the Lectora software (File --> Print --> Storyboard --> OK). I could have my team do this and add a PDF version as a link within their courses. I was just curious if there was some type of function that we could quickly add that would put the ball in the end user's court.

I'm open to hearing any suggestions people have related to adding handout equivalents to courses. Thanks!

Scott Blades

Training Manager

University of Florida Training and Organizational Development