OnDonePlaying - Does this action work on all video formats?

topherxpress Community Member Posts: 1
Hello Lectorians!

I am new to Lectora and I am trying to move to the next page after an MP4 is played.

I have an MP4 file inserted to a page and have it set up as follows:

- The page is set to OnShow Show MP4

- I then have an action associated to the MP4 - OnDonePlaying GoTo Next Page

This does not work. I have tested this several ways (e.g OnDonePlaying Show Image, I have added variables to state after the MP4 is done playing add a value and then made goto commands conditional to the variable, etc...).

If this is not possible for whatever reason, that is fine, I just need to know.

If anyone has any suggestions or can tell me what I am doing wrong, I would greatly appreciate the direction.

Have a great day and thanks for checking out this post!