Random Selection of Pages in the TEST and Section Properties

scojz Community Member Posts: 2
A project that we are developing contains a TEST. Within the TEST, there are 10 sections. Each section contains about 10 questions. We want the users of the course to answer 80 questions out of 129 randomly, and 8 questions must be selected in each section randomly.

The problem that we have is that when we check the Random Selection of Pages in the TEST properities and in each section properities, the 80 questions that are randomly chosen are not evenly distributed to each section (e.g. some sections showed up 10 questions, some sections showed up 6 questions). We want 8 questions in each section, and 80 questions that chosen from 10 sections randomly show up to each user.

It seems that the Random Selection of Pages function only works under the TEST, but not under each section at the same time. Can anyone help us to solve this problem?