"Publish to SumTotal Plugin": Apparent Bug

Hello all,

I am using Vx.2a, Enterprise Edition. I downloaded the latest version of the SumTotal Plugin from Trivantis (about a month ago), and published a previously created course for SumTotal/SCORM 2004. For a long time, every package I exported refused to upload to SumTotal: it would get 100% of the way through the upload, then fail with a cryptic error message ("Thread was being aborted"). I was combing through the imsmanifest file for errant non-escaped high-ASCII characters when I noticed that the references to the SumTotal schema and dtd were missing from the tag. When I added those manually, the course uploaded fine to ST -- which makes sense, since the tags were present below, and had previously had no XML referents. This seems like a bug in the plugin: I know earlier versions worked, but this one appears to be missing the code to write those references into the manifest when publishing to ST. Has anyone else enoucntered this? Can someone escalate it to the parties responsible for maintaining the SumTotal plugin?