Multiple Hyperlinks on One TextBlock Problem

web-foley Community Member Posts: 62 ✶ Headliner ✶
I've been working on a few courses and ran into a problem with multiple hyperlinks in one text blocks.

I've never noticed it before (hopefully just a coincidence after the vX.3 update) but to give you an example, there are three separate hyperlinks (each a "Go To" with different "Web Address" targets), when I change or modify one, the others take on the same link. They are unable to have different links (change link B and A changes to B's URL too) ... it has occurred on other pages as well.

The messy work around to get one course out was to break up the links into individual text blocks... a messy and sloppy way of fixing the issue.

Anybody else experiences this?

I have been able to replicate it in other courses and even if I open a backed-up copy (originally saved as a pre vX.3 update - but running now with the current Lectora release).