FLV audio not working when published to HTML

mjordan Community Member Posts: 2
I'm very new to Lectora and am having a problem I hope someone can help me with!! I'm running Lectora X and have created a course with multiple pages, each page having audio narration.

To create my narration, I used Audacity to record and exported each file as a WAV. I then opened each file in the Lectora Audio Editor and added in my event flags (the audio is triggering text and graphics on the pages) and when I save the files it prompts me to convert it to FLV, which I do.

I then use the add audio button to import each FLV file into my pages, using the controller display. When I preview the course using the Preview Mode and when using the Preview in Browser mode, I can hear all audio. But once I publish the course to HTML and copy the files over to my web server, no audio plays.

It appears that the FLV files are being publsihed into a "media" folder and I am copying them over to the web server, however the controller on the page displays a 0 and no audio will play. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong or how to fix it! :p Any help would be greatly appreciated!