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I am trying to create buttons to open PDF documents that I have added to the course. I am using the following Action, On Click - Launch a program/document - Use Attached File - Attached File: xyz.pdf .

In test this works correctly. When I publish it to SCORm my links open the PDF in the same window as the course and not a new window. This essentially will kick users out of the course when they open a PDF document. I can’t find a place to specify to open in a new window. (I have checked all my IE settings.)


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    Here's a solution that I use for attached PDF files. Hope you can find it useful.

    I create a blank popup page (that can be opened from an action anywhere in the title).

    The popup page has an action to open the PDF in a New Window using the Go to Web action. You can then configure the web window using the properties dialog.

    A second action closes the popup window with a 0.8 second delay leaving the new window with the PDF for viewing.

    Popup PDF launcher

    Close the Popup window