Creating a Print Friendly Page

bruman Community Member Posts: 54
I came across this website that allows persons to create a print friendly page of a web page. The site is called Printfriendly, found at Print Friendly & PDF.

Essentially you copy the URL of your target web page in their URL print box, hit Print Preview and the site generates a print friendly version of your web page. You can print the generated page or save it as a PDF.

I can see this working for specific Lectora generated pages that you may want PDF copies for your learners, create copies of a specific page for accessibility, or to create a manual of your entire Lectora learning module. The website also provides a web button that you can place on your website that will allow your learners to create print/PDF copy of specific pages that that may want to read or archive for offline use.

For those who may want to provide a button of this service on their Lectora-generated module, get the code and then in Lectora use External HTML Object, choose "Other" and copy the provided code. Place this External HTML Object either on the specific pages you want it to appear or within the Title, so that it appears on all pages. The service is free to use.

Fair warning: Do not try to generate a print copy of a complete web site. It will not work. Only indicate a specific web page.

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