exclude test sections from overal test results

cara Community Member Posts: 4
I'm trying to create a test with several distinct sets of questions. 1 set of questions will apply to all users. Then there are several other sets of questions that are specific to user demographics -- in my case, the state in which they live. I'd like every user to take a test that includes all of the common questions plus the 1 set of state questions that relate to them.

I can figure out several different ways to handle the navigation, but I'm struggling with the scoring. If I put the questions all in the same Test object, but as separate test sections, the test is including the the sections that were not attempted when calcuating the test score. Thus the user always fails. Is there a way to exclude questions/sections that were not attempted from the score?

If I set each set of questions up as a separate test instead of as separate test sections, I can get around the issue above. However, I'm not sure how to combine the separate tests into one course score. It is either adding the test scores together (i.e. score of 200%) or averaging them. The average ends up with the smaller set of state-specific questions being more heavily weighted. Is there a variable that is just 'number correct' for each test?

Any ideas?