Ability to control path of course assets for video and interactions

weblady Community Member Posts: 20
We have Captivate movies that are calling flash videos (.FLV files.) Lectora puts the Captivate SWF in the images folder.

The FLV’s have to be in the images folder (or the same folder) for the SWF to find them and play them.

This works for publishing to HTML only because we can manually copy those FLV files into the images directory.

However on the externally hosted LMS, we can only upload zipped SCORM files, and we can't control the files once they're uploaded in a zip.

To get around this, we have to publish to SCORM, open the zip, add the files and resave or rezip the files.

Some better solutions would be:

1. Allow us to choose where the SWF is stored, (for example the "media" folder vs. "images")

2. And/Or allow us to choose where "Additional Files" are stored, (for example the images folder.)

In a similar vein, we have Flash activities that use XML files to call assets, and we have the same issue, i.e., where the assets are stored and how the path is called.

In this age of growing video and flash based activities, this is very important to rapid development.