Screen readers and wmode=transparent

adriana Community Member Posts: 35

I need some help with using flash and screen readers (JAWS)

I created a "shell" in Lectora that holds all of my flash files. all of the flash files are accessible when I run them on their own - screen reader recognizes everything and I’m able to tab in perfect order-

the problems start when I introduced the flash content in to Lectora and I assigned the wmode=transparent; if I tab through it will tab in order but it won't read any of the tags.

I know the problem is the wmode... because when I removed the screen reader, reads all of my tags in flash, But I really need to have the wmode=transparent, because the menus are build in Lectora...

I'm totally trap in a circle ... if the menus work the screen reader won't read the flash tags... and if the flash tags work the menu would we hiding behind the flash movie

please... I really need help