Text hyperlinks not accessible after various links listed in content

kecampbell Community Member Posts: 1
We have a 508 version of a course that contains pages with multiple popup links on them. JAWS reads the page fine and we can navigate to the links within the content without a problem. however, when we are done with the content and links we try to navigate to the Next button (really a text hyperlink made to look like a button) but JAWS never finds it.

The link is an inherited link and we have done it this way in multiple other courses without problem. Intiialy JAWS does read that there is a Next button there, just that when we are done with all the content, it doesnt let us navigate to it to use it.

This only happens in this particular course on pages that have multiple links within the textual content, however it has happened on other courses as well.

the only way we have been able to fix this is to place a next button (text hyperlink) on each page instead of allowing it to be inherited.

This seems to be odd since sometimes the inherited feature works and sometimes it doesnt. Is there a patch for this or a better way to solve this problem? We hate to create hacked courses all over the place and then when updates come in we cant remember what was hacked where and for what reason. Consistency would be best.